MCQ on Labour Law for Competitive Exams with Answers

Here we have discussed some Multiple Choice Questions, MCQ on Labour Law for Competitive Exams with Answers. This objective type questions include questions from Factories Act, Gratuity Act, PF Act etc. One can use this questions for Online exams, University papers, competitive exams, Diploma in Labour Law etc. Basic Labour Law The DW concept stands

MCQ on Introduction to Labour Law with Answers

Discussed here are the MCQ on Introduction to Labour Law with answers. These Multiple choice questions are based on the introduction of Labour Law only. The Objective questions will be helpful in may competitive examinations like NET, PET etc and other students likeĀ  MBA BBA MPM DLL etc. We are also focusing on the various

Indian Contract Act 1872 Case Study

Here we have discussed Indian Contract Act 1872 Case Study with solutions. This short and simple business law case studies on contract Act is given with solutions. Indian contract Act is a part of Commercial Law which is other wise known as mercantile Law. These case studies on Business law will be helpful for students

Formulation of Human Resource Strategy

Here we have discussed the process of formulation of human resource strategy. HR strategies plays a significant role in any organisation. The strategy formulation is one of the important role of top level management. HR strategy needs to be formulated with utmost care to get best results out of it. systematic process needs to be

Strategic Role of Middle Level Managers

It is important to know the strategic role of middle level managers. The managers who are in the front-line of any product or service are known as middle managers They are also called as line managers, middle level managers, front line managers, Junior Managers etc.. They are in direct contact with the employees who execute