Purpose and Functions of Labour Legislation

It is essential to discuss on the Purpose and Functions of Labour Legislation of a nation. Every country has its own labour legislation. Each individual of the nation, immaterial of their profession, must be aware of the role, importance, Purpose and Functions of Labour Legislation. Here we will discuss in brief about the Purpose and

Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 Notes

Below given is the Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 Notes. This notes contains Features of Negotiable Instruments, Characteristics of negotiable Instruments, Meaning of Negotiation as per Negotiable Instruments Act etc. This easy language notes will help you to understand the negotiable instruments Act 1881 notes in a simpler way.   Negotiable Instruments Act-1881: Introduction: The laws

Consumer Protection Act 1986 Notes

Discussed are the Consumer Protection Act 1986 Notes. The Consumer Protection Act 1986 is enacted for various reason. The consumer protection Act 1986 notes contains almost all the details of the Act. The government understand the necessity of this act due to various circumstances major reasons are:- The reason behind the enactment of Consumer Protection

Negotiation in Negotiable Instrument Act

In this article we will discuss about the Negotiation in Negotiable Instrument Act. Negotiation in Negotiable Instrument Act relates to the concept of transferring the ownership from one person to the other. In general terms we use the word negotiation at par with bargaining. When it comes to Negotiable Instrument Act the Legal meaning of

Characteristics of Negotiable Instrument

Here we have discussed the Characteristics of Negotiable Instrument. Negotiable instruments are the instruments i.e documents which can be transferred money . The Rules regarding Negotiable Instruments are dealt under The Negotiable Instrument Act 1881. As per this Act Cheques, Bill of Exchange and Promissory Notes are considered as Negotiable Instruments. The Negotiable Instrument can be

Features of Negotiable Instruments

It is important to understand the Features of Negotiable Instruments to know about the Negotiable Instrument Act 1881. Here we will discuss the about the meaning of Negotiable instruments and its features. Meaning of Negotiable Instruments Negotiable instruments means the documents which can be transferred easily for money’s worth. Negotiable means transferable and instrument means

Importance of Labour Laws

Here you can find the importance of labour laws which is applicable in any situation. Peace and harmony in the organization is very important for the economic development of any nation. To bring that peace and harmony in industries there needs a law. When the capital and man power goes hand in hand the industry

History of Labour Law

The history of labour law started around end of 18th century. Labour laws were practised in such countries were industries were more in number. In the list of industrial country England was in top most position. Because of this it also suppose to face many labour related issues also.  The employees were getting exploited major.