Formulation of Human Resource Strategy

Here we have discussed the process of formulation of human resource strategy. HR strategies plays a significant role in any organisation. The strategy formulation is one of the important role of top level management. HR strategy needs to be formulated with utmost care to get best results out of it. systematic process needs to be

Strategic Role of Middle Level Managers

It is important to know the strategic role of middle level managers. The managers who are in the front-line of any product or service are known as middle managers They are also called as line managers, middle level managers, front line managers, Junior Managers etc.. They are in direct contact with the employees who execute

Strategic role of Top level Management

It is very essential to understand the Strategic role of top level management in any organisation. In today’s business environment every organisation is working strategically. immaterial of the size, length and breath of the organisation doing things strategically becomes basic element for any organisation in that case. Hence here we have discussed the strategic role

Factors Affecting Human Resource Planning

There are various factors affecting Human Resource Planning. Human resource Planning is the process of planning the human resource in the organisation. HRP is forecasting the future human resource requirement in the organisation and planning accordingly. Hence in this process there are various factors which affects the Human Resource Planning. Let us discuss about the

Identification of Training Needs

The identification of training needs can be done in two levels namely Individual Level, Group Level. Individual level need identification speaks about whether particular individual is in need of training and if yes what is the need in that training. The group level training need identification process explains whether the group needs training and if

Organisational Entry and Socialisation

Here you can find the meaning and benefits of Organisational Entry and Socialization. It is an emerging concept in today’s corporate sector. Organisational Entry and Socialization plays a vital role in various Human Resource aspects in modern global business scenario. Meaning of Organisational Entry and Socialization Organisational Entry is the process by which the new employees of the

Employee Relation Best Practices

Here we have explained the Employee Relation Best Practices in this article. We have tried to discuss on the meaning and also highlighted few best practices of employee relations. Meaning of Employee Relation: Employee relation is the relationship that an employee maintains in the organisation. The relationship might be good, moderate, bad or so on.

Everything about Job Analysis

In this article you can find everything about Job Analysis. meaning, uses and Contents of Job Analysis. Meaning of Job Analysis: Job Analysis is a systematic process by which management gathers & analyses information related to the task, duties, responsibilities of job with in the organization. Job analysis contains every minute detail about The management

Types of Grievances

Here you can find various types of grievances. We have also discussed meaning of grievances and factors that cause grievances. Meaning of Grievances Grievance means any type of dissatisfaction or discontentment’s arising out of factors related to an employee’s job which he thinks are unfair. A grievance arises when an employee feels that something has