MCQ on Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) with Answers

Find the MCQ on Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) with Answers. This Multiple Choice Questions in Strategic Human Resource Management & HR Policies will be helpful for students of BBA, MBA, Mcom, Bcom and other graduation & post-graduation students.

MCQ on Strategic Human Resource Management with answers

1. SHRM mould the human resource in such a way to attain the

A) Profit                B) Organisational goal                       C) Individual goal                      D) Market Share

Answer B) organisational goal

2. Perception of human assets as higher risk investment is a barrier to

A) HRM             B) SHRM                          C) HRP                                D) Economy

Answer B) SHRM

3. SHRM was first time evolved in the year

A) 1964             B) 1974              C) 1984               D) 1994

Answer C) 1984

4. The primary source of competitive advantage in SHRM is

A) people             B) pattern               C) technology                    D) Process

Answer A) People

5. advantages of Outsourcing doesn’t include

A) Avoid over staffing            B) Avoid difference in HRM          C) Reduce cost                D) none of the above

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Answer D) None of the above

6. ________ are the resources that provide utility value to all other resources.

A) Finance             B) Men                   C) Machine                   D) Capital

Answer B) Men

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MCQ on HR Policies with answers

1. __________________ is the framework defined by the HR department to manage the hr activities systematically.

A) HR Goals              B)HR Objectives                       C) HR strategies                   D) HR Policies

Answer D) HR Policies

2. _____________ will assist the HR department to take decisions in critical situations with ease

A) HR Policies                    B)HR Goals           C) HR Objectives                 D) HR strategies

Answer A) HR Policies

3. ____________________ are the set of procedures which is developed to make the things happen in a systematic way.

A) Standing Order           B)Policies               C) Rules                 D) Strategies

Answer B)Policies

4. Human Resource Management Policies are developed by the

A) Top Management                       B)Line Managers                    C) HR Department                 D) HR Manager

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Answer C) HR Department

5. HR Policies are developed to bring _____________ in the organisation l

A) Peace          B)Harmony                    C) Systematic Approach                D) Cooperation

Answer C) Systematic Approach

6. ___________ is not a policy included in HR Policy

A) Compensation Policy             B)Strategic Policy              C) T&D Policy         D) Performance appraisal Policy

Answer B)Strategic Policy

7. Allowances and bonus of the employees are discussed in __________ Policy

A) Payment                   B)Revenue                     C) Compensation                 D) Employee engagement

Answer C) Compensation

8. Which is discussed in Compensation Policy

A) Tenure of Payment       B)% of bonus             C) Mode of Payment                 D) Type of Incentive

Answer B)% of Bonus

9. Recruitment & Selection Policy doesn’t include the following

A) Reservation in Recruitment     B)Source of Recruitment      C) Selection Procedure          D) Interview methods

Answer A) Reservation in Recruitment

10. Promotion Policy doesn’t includes

A) When promotion will take place           B)Basis of Promotion       C) Transfer Policy           D) Increment during Promotion

Answer C) Transfer Policy

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11. Compensation Policy doesn’t include

A) Gratuity            B)Awards                     C) PF              D) Bonus

Answer B)Awards


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