SIP project Topics for MBA HR

The below said is the list of SIP project Topics for MBA HR. These topics which will be useful for doing the summer intern ship project  (SIP) in MBA HR/MPM/ BBA and other courses. The said topics will be useful for students and teacher as well as research scholars. List of Human Resource Topics for

Meaning of Mediation

Here we have discussed the meaning of mediation. we have also covered the types and process of mediation in this article. Mediation is a part of industrial relation. It is the first step in grievance handling process. Understanding the meaning of mediation its types and process will be helpful for both employees and organisation. Mediation

Features of Collective Bargaining (CB)

The features of Collective bargaining (CB) make collective bargaining, also known as CB, as one of the important part of Industrial Relations. When the collective bargaining is practised effectively in an organization the industrial relations will also be a recognizable level. Let us discuss the features in detail: 1. Collective / Joint process: Collective bargaining

Functions of Trade Unions

Trade unions are the associations which are basically for protecting the employees and ensure good working conditions. The functions of Trade union does not stop with the above said activities. It also extends its role o a greater extent. The functions of trade unions can be elaborated in the below said points: Protective functions: Protective

Definition of Trade Union- and its Introduction

Here we have discussed definition of trade union and its introduction. Trade union is one of the major milestone in Industrial relations. It has been defined by several authors in different ways. Here we will discuss some of the definition and also elaborate the meaning of the same. By giving various definition of trade union and

History of Industrial Relations in India

The history of Industrial Relations in India started way back in 19th Century. It is very interesting to learn about the history of relations in India and also in international perspective. Let us discuss the same in detail Industrial Relations Global Evolution The history of Industrial relations started along with the Industrial revolution. Industrial revolution

Evolution of Human Resource Management

Human Resource management is an important part in 5 M’s of management. It is very essential to understand the way of Evolution of Human Resource Management. Here we are trying to explain the Evolution of Human Resource Management in a simplest way. Introduction:- Among the 5 ‘m’ of management HR is the only living M