Consumer Protection Act 1986 Notes

Discussed are the Consumer Protection Act 1986 Notes. The Consumer Protection Act 1986 is enacted for various reason. The consumer protection Act 1986 notes contains almost all the details of the Act. The government understand the necessity of this act due to various circumstances major reasons are:- The reason behind the enactment of Consumer Protection

MCQ in Performance Appraisal with answers

Below given is MCQ in performance appraisal with answers. Performance appraisal is an interesting part in Human Resource Management. And it is a part of syllabus of HRM in almost all University. This MCQ in performance appraisal with answers which comes under HRM will be helpful for BBA, B.Com, MBA, MPM, MHRM and other students.

MCQ in Compensation Management with Answers

Below given is the MCQ in Compensation Management with Answers. Compensation management is one of the major concern in HRM. If the compensation policy of the organisation proves to be best then the organisation can get well motivated, loyal, efficient workforce. Here you can find MCQ in compensation management with answers which in the syllabus

Factors Affecting Human Resource Planning

There are various factors affecting Human Resource Planning. Human resource Planning is the process of planning the human resource in the organisation. HRP is forecasting the future human resource requirement in the organisation and planning accordingly. Hence in this process there are various factors which affects the Human Resource Planning. Let us discuss about the

17 Things to remember in Solving A Case Study

Below discussed is the 17  things that you should remember while solving a  management case study. Solving a case study is where the students face much problem. As many university does not give any clear guidance for solving a case study students don’t get clear picture on how to solve the case study. Hence here

SHRM Question Bank, University Questions

Here you can find the SHRM question Bank, University Questions and also the questions frequently asked in Exam. Strategic Human resource management is an external subject in most of the university for courses like MBA, MPM, MHRM, M.Com etc. We have tried to give the question bank, important questions for SHRM here. SHRM Question Bank,

3 Best Ways to Solve a Management Case Study

You will find 3 Best Ways to Solve a Management Case Study here. We have explained 3 methods on how to solve a case study. Management case studies are a part of syllabus in many subjects specially for MBA, M.Com, B.Com and BBA students. Even there are various methods to write the solution for the

MCQs on Legal Aspects of Business Law with Answers

Here you can find the MCQs on legal aspects of business law with answers. This Objective Questions on business law with solutions will help students of MBA, BBA, B.Com, M.Com. We have covered Multiple Choice Questions from Indian Contract Act 1882, Sale of Goods Act 1930, Companies Act 1956, Negotiable Instruments Act 1881, Information Technology