Need and importance of Human Resource Planning

Here you can find the need and importance of Human Resource Planning which is also called as Man Power Planning. In modern Organisational scenario the need for Man power planning is increasing and the organisations also started giving importance to the human resource planning activity. Let us discuss the need and importance of manpower planning

Question Bank on Basics of HRM

Here in this article you can find Question Bank on Basics of HRM. 20 questions are given here and these questions are designed from the basics of Human Resource Management only. You also two more sets of Question bank related to HRM by clicking in the link. Question bank in complete HRM & More Questions on HRM for

MCQ’s in Human Resource Management with Answers

Here you can find MCQ’s in Human Resource Management with Answers. This Multiple choice questions on HRM will be helpful for Graduation and post graduation students. Now a days the concept of Objective type questions is included in syllabus of almost every university. Note : we have also provided the link for all the other

Objective Type Questions in HRM

Here you can find Objective Type Questions in HRM. This can also termed as multiple choice questions in Human Resource Management. These questions will be helpful for all students from any university at graduate as well as post graduate level. 1. HR department can be able to collect record protect and produce the required information

Human Resource Management Policies

Human Resource Management Policies are the framework defined by the HR department which will assist the organisation to take decisions in certain terms with ease. Let us discuss various HRM policies in detail. Policies are the set of procedures which is developed to make the things happen in a systematic. Human Resource Management Policies are

Functions of Human Resource Management

Functions of Human Resource Management are very crucial in every organisation. The Function of HRM is extended throughout the organisation in each department. The function of HRM can be divided in 5 major heads namely managerial, developmental, strategy, analytical and operational. Let us discuss the functions in detail Managerial Function: The basic function of HRM

Scope of Human Resource Management

The scope of Human Resource Management is very vast. The concept of Human Resource Management is spread in every organization at each level. It forms an inevitable part of any organization. The scope of HRM is extends throughout the working life time of the employee in the organization. Starting from entry till exist of the

Human Resource Planning Process

Human Resource Planning Process is which is also known as process of HRP says how the human resource department go about the Human Resource Planning. Let us discuss the meaning of human resource planning and the process of Human Resource Planning. Human Resource Planning can be defined as “Process of forecasting, developing & controlling human

History of Industrial Relations

History of Industrial Relations is a interesting thing to learn. Industrial relations is the relations that exist with in the organisation among the employees employee, Employer and employee, Employer and trade union. The evolution of industrial relations is in global level then it emerged in India. Let us see the history of Industrial relations in

Types of Separation in HRM

There are various types of separation in HRM. The process of separation of employees means the employee getting seperated from the organisation in any mode. He can get seperated from the organisation in various ways. Let us discuss each type of separation in detail SUPERANNUATION Superannuation means attainment of such age by t he employee