History of Industrial Relations

History of Industrial Relations is a interesting thing to learn. Industrial relations is the relations that exist with in the organisation among the employees employee, Employer and employee, Employer and trade union. The evolution of industrial relations is in global level then it emerged in India. Let us see the history of Industrial relations in

History of Labour Law

The history of labour law started around end of 18th century. Labour laws were practised in such countries were industries were more in number. In the list of industrial country England was in top most position. Because of this it also suppose to face many labour related issues also.  The employees were getting exploited major.

Evolution of Human Resource Management

Human Resource management is an important part in 5 M’s of management. It is very essential to understand the way of Evolution of Human Resource Management. Here we are trying to explain the Evolution of Human Resource Management in a simplest way. Introduction:- Among the 5 ‘m’ of management HR is the only living M