Scope of Human Resource Management

The scope of Human Resource Management is very vast. The concept of Human Resource Management is spread in every organization at each level. It forms an inevitable part of any organization. The scope of HRM is extends throughout the working life time of the employee in the organization. Starting from entry till exist of the

Human Resource Planning Process

Human Resource Planning Process is which is also known as process of HRP says how the human resource department go about the Human Resource Planning. Let us discuss the meaning of human resource planning and the process of Human Resource Planning. Human Resource Planning can be defined as “Process of forecasting, developing & controlling human

Types of Separation in HRM

There are various types of separation in HRM. The process of separation of employees means the employee getting seperated from the organisation in any mode. He can get seperated from the organisation in various ways. Let us discuss each type of separation in detail SUPERANNUATION Superannuation means attainment of such age by t he employee

Nature of HRM

The nature of HRM which is known as Human resource management can be described in various terms. The field of human resource management is developing day by day due to its nature. Let us discuss some of the nature of human resource management here. Persistent: HRM is Persistent in nature. It is present in every

New Revised MMS HRM Syllabus Mumbai University

Find the New Revised MMS HRM syllabus Mumbai University 1. Human Resource Management Its Scope,Relationship with other Social Sciences Approaches to Human Resource Management / Inter-Disciplinary Approach 2. Organization of Personnel Functions Personnel Department, Its Organization, Policies, Responsibilities and Place in the Organization. 3. Manpower Planning Job Analysis Job Description Scientific Recruitment and Selection Methods. 4.

New Revised MBA HRM Syllabus Pune University

Find the new revised MBA HRM syllabus Pune University. Subject Code: 203 Marks: 100 Distribution of Marks:  50 (External Written) 20 (External Online Exam) 30 (Internal Marks by College)   Unit 1 Framework of Human Resource Management: Introduction to HRM and framework – Nature of HRM, Scope of HRM, HRM: Functions and Objectives, HRM: Policies

Latest Presentation Topics in HRM

Giving presentation on Latest Presentation topics in HRM will surely makes the presentation more interesting. The presentation topic which you select must be Latest & interesting. HRM is a stream where the trend changes continuously. Hence there are several latest topics which can be used for giving presentations for students specially. 1. Glass ceiling- Invisible

MBA HRM Question Bank

Below said  is the MBA HRM Question Bank. Human Resource Management question bank is useful for MBA, MPM, BBA, and other mangement courses Human Resource Management These are important questions only all the questions are not covered. This is to give an idea about how the question can be asked in exams. 1.Define Human Resource Management

Structure of Quality Circle

In the below given article you can find the Structure of Quality Circle. Quality Circle: Quality circle consist of group of employees who are working together in an organisation. This is a voluntary group formed by the employees who meet in a fixed interval to discuss about the issues related to the quality. Below said