MCQ on Introduction to Labour Law with Answers

Discussed here are the MCQ on Introduction to Labour Law with answers. These Multiple choice questions are based on the introduction of Labour Law only. The Objective questions will be helpful in may competitive examinations like NET, PET etc and other students like  MBA BBA MPM DLL etc. We are also focusing on the various

Purpose and Functions of Labour Legislation

It is essential to discuss on the Purpose and Functions of Labour Legislation of a nation. Every country has its own labour legislation. Each individual of the nation, immaterial of their profession, must be aware of the role, importance, Purpose and Functions of Labour Legislation. Here we will discuss in brief about the Purpose and

MCQ’s in Labour Laws with answers

Here you can find Multiple Choice Questions, MCQ’s in labour Laws with answers. You can find MCQ’s on Minimum Wages Act, MCQ’s on Payment of Wages Act etc.. We have given a set of 60 questions with answers. You can also find more MCQ’s in our further articles. 1 The payment of wages Act is

Business Law topics for presentation

Below said is the List of Business Law topics for Presentation related to Business Law in India. There are several laws that are in Practice in India. still to know about the Business related laws which is called as Legal Aspects of Business is very important specially to management students. Hence we have covered topics

Importance of Labour Laws

Here you can find the importance of labour laws which is applicable in any situation. Peace and harmony in the organization is very important for the economic development of any nation. To bring that peace and harmony in industries there needs a law. When the capital and man power goes hand in hand the industry

History of Labour Law

The history of labour law started around end of 18th century. Labour laws were practised in such countries were industries were more in number. In the list of industrial country England was in top most position. Because of this it also suppose to face many labour related issues also.  The employees were getting exploited major.

Why Labour Laws

Why Labour Laws ? Why to have a separate division called labour law? In which situation there arises a need to have a separate law for labours. These are some of the common questions which arise in our mind when we come across such labour laws. Here you will find the solutions for the above